Selling Girls in America

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A podcast focusing on the sex trafficking epidemic in America. Hear the stories, learn the indicators and become part of the solution.

Bonus Episode- COVID-19

This episode will touch on the current impact we are seeing COVID-19 have on the crime of trafficking. Head on over to the full show notes once for li...
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This season was designed to lay a foundation of knowledge around trafficking for listeners. It is our vision for future season to provide a space for ...
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Training someone to recognize the indicators of trafficking is vital to stopping the crime. Think of it this way if someone robs your house, you recog...
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This episode covers the importance of the aftercare process. This is something Guardian Group does not provide directly, however, we have helped commu...
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We are very careful when we talk about rescue vs. recovery. When you rescue someone you remove them from a dangerous situation, however, when you prov...
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A Mother's Story

The names and locations mentioned throughout this story have been edited for the protection of those involved. We understand this makes it a bit diffi...
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Pimps or traffickers are responsible for running the supply aspect of the sex trafficking industry. Each uses their own tactics to recruit, manipulate...
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Prostitution is not the oldest profession it is the oldest oppression.Yes, there are outliers out there that make their living selling their body for ...
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The breaking phase occurs when a trafficker introduces his victim into “the life”. For some this can be very violent, including gang rapes, for others...
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Trafficking can be difficult to identify, especially in it's earliest stages. Often a pimp/trafficker will act like a boyfriend and groom his victims ...
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