Sex + Sobriety

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Life (and sex) in sobriety can be complicated. And funny. Listen to the experience, strength, and hope of other sober people just trying to figure this thing out. Whether you think you may have a problem or just want to learn more about not drinking or using, this podcast is for you.

Sex + Sobriety: Free to be you

Blessed to sit down twice with my friend Irand to hear his beautiful message. We talk about his sober journey and experience as a gay black man. His w...
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Sex + Sobriety: Proud and Sober

Happy Pride! Celebrating this month by sitting down with fellow members of the sober LGBTQ+ community. Scott is my new fav from the UK. He runs the @p...
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Sex + Sobriety: 13th stepping

In this episode I talk with my friend Adam about something called 13th stepping. Dating and sex are super weird, period. But especially when you first...
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Sex + Sobriety: Breaking-up

In this episode I sit down with my friend to talk about breaking-up in sobriety. We discuss her experience, and how the steps and fellowship are helpi...
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Sex + Sobriety: Codependency

I'm so excited to talk about codependency today! Research defines codependency as: "The psychosocial condition that is manifested through a dysfunctio...
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