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Shakara Says podcast will be about Shakara finding her self love and confidence, life struggles, random rants, girl talks, and more. So, join Shakara on this journey called life.

Ep 6. | Freestyle Unity

DO IT LIKE ITS MY BIDET!!!! Thank you for listening to today’s episode of #ShakaraSays ▸ Follow Shakara's socials! Instagram + Twitter : @ForeverShaka...
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Ep 4. | Deviled Eggs & Demon Time

In this episode Shakara discusses, Lil Nas X, Saweetie + Quavo, and catches you up on her life. Shop her Poshmark closet and stay tuned for updates vi...
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Ep 3.| Tweety Bird Is What He Want

In this episode Shakara talks about, the Keyshia Cole Vs. Ashanti verzuz, the inauguration, Chole Bailey snatching our edges, + more! Follow Shakara o...
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Ep. 2 | Twerk Or Get A Degree?

In this episode Shakara talks about Lori Harvey + MBJ and their relationship, twerking being a "lack of respect", the minimum uproar+more. Follow Shak...
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BONUS | No Deposits, No Late Fees

In this bonus episode Shakara discuss how guys have it easy when it comes to maintaining their hair, no deposits, no late fees, etc...Be apart of the ...
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Ep 8. | Finale...Bye 2020!

Well after an unintentional four month hiatus Shakara returns with her final episode of 2020. This episode was all about the high + low points of 2020...
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Ep. 6 | 2020 Entanglements

Shakara discusses the VERY much so DOWNS of 2020, Nicki being pregnant, and her mental health plus more. Follow her on social media Instagram, Twitter...
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