Shameless Last Words

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Welcome to our channel! We're just friends who always drink together, tell stories, and have conversations that can get a little raunchy. Have a listen to our podcast! Follow us on Instagram: @shamelesslastwords Got a question you'd like to ask us? You can DM us on Instagram or e-mail us at

#9. How Stitious Are You?

Based on Michael Scott’s joke in The Office, we discuss about superstitions and how exactly “stitious” we are. We have a new guest, Shirley! She’s spi...
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#5. Jalapeno Seeds in Where?!

Hey guys. This episode we discuss a couple of topics that you’ve most likely never heard of. Watch to find out some of the weirdest and creepiest thin...
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#1. The Failed Friendship Test

On the first episode, Paulo, Faye, and Ryan take a friendship test -- of some sort. But what's a better way to get to know us? Have a listen to us rem...
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