Shannon Cason's Homemade Stories

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Short stories and commentary by writer/storyteller, Shannon Cason.

HS #113 Revolver

I love finding new hobbies later in life. I finally make the decision to go purchase my first gun.  See for privacy and opt-out info...
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HS #112 MI Bottle Return

The bottle return in Michigan is 10 cents. The highest in the country. This high bottle return created a thriving economy for children who could carry...
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HS #111 The Smoke Detector

Waking early to fix a low-battery smoke detector chirp takes the mind in a bunch of directions.  See for privacy and opt-out informa...
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HS #110 Top Five

My favorite music is hip hop. I grew up on it and in it. There's always an ongoing debate of - who's the Top 5 hip hop artists? I don't think that can...
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HS #109 Four Twenty

I'm slow. I take my time. A late bloomer. I try things when I'm good and damn ready, and I'm glad I finally got around to trying this one thing out.  ...
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HS #107 A Mother's Worry

I'm a Mama's Boy, but a reluctant Mama's Boy who pulled away a lot when I was young. There was a need to create space from Mama, but that never meant ...
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HS #106 Three Homes

Most of us have a place (or places) we've considered home at one time. I had three homes growing up. I remember each of them well.  See
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HS #105 A Kinda Beauty

Raymond Christian tells a short visual story of the horrible beauty of war. A true soldier's story with drum solo accompaniment.  See
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