Sharp Scratch

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Students and young medics need to learn a lot to become good doctors - we're here to talk about the things that medical school doesn't teach you. Brought to you by BMJ student.

Imposter Syndrome

This week Nikki and Issy are joined by general surgical registrar Clara Munro, and author and co-founder of the Impostor Syndrome Institute, Valerie Y...
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Inclusive Practice

This week the panel are joined by Michael Brady, the national advisor for LGBT Health to discuss why your patient’s queerness might matter to you, and...
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Queer Allyship

This week the panel are joined by Eli Fitzgerald to discuss what an ally actually is. Find out what makes someone a good (or a bad) ally, as well as h...
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Queerness in Medicine

Episode 51: Queerness in medicine This week the panel are joined by Dr Joseph Hartland, a doctor who works at the University of Bristol Medical School...
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Why do you want to be a doctor?

It's the age old medical school interview question - but why did we initially want to become doctors? Do those reasons still stand, or are they replac...
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Working hard or hardly working

Do you have a healthy work-life balance? Find out what actually counts as work, and whether medicine means sacrificing your social life... This week t...
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The F word

Why is academic failure surrounded by shame and guilt? Find out what support is available for students, and why failing may make you a better doctor i...
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Tackling the hospital tech

This week the team talk about all the tech you might face working in the NHS - from bleeps and fax machines to slow computers. Find out if you’re allo...
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