Shattered Dungeons

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This show follows a group of adventurers as they play through Shattered Dawn, a D&D-like tabletop RPG, using actual recorded play sessions. Check out more about the tabletop RPG at, and support this show by becoming a patron at

Shattered Dungeons A3 E4

In this episode, the interns participate in an impromptu 'Intern Games' for bragging rights and to avoid some extra work. Also, a bar fight happens.
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Shattered Dungeons A3 E3

In this episode, Rachel Glass joins the cast of interns as they are asked to clear out a cave so someone else can take credit for it!
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Shattered Dungeons A3 E2

In this episode, the dungeon interns find themselves with a tough project: retrieve some firewood and make a trap!
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Shattered Dungeons A3 E1

In this episode, we are introduced to 4 dungeon interns as they are given their final interview questions and then given the tour of Lich Vezifal's co...
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Shattered Dungeons A2.5 E4

In this episode, the group seeks a vendetta against a con-artist that sold them a cup telephone, then avenges an indifferent cobbler.
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