She Needs Me

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The She Needs Me is a podcast for young ladies like me to walk together to become the women we are destined to me. Host Brie Latisha is a young mother striving to become that woman and believe you can too.

We are back!

So January passed right before our eyes but we are back. How was January for you? What do you have planned for 2020? Remember to follow me @sheneedsme...
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Thank you 2019

2019 has been quite a year but I am grateful. Lessons learned, bridges crossed, relationships built and more. 2020 has so much in store and I’m ready ...
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Year in Review

2019 has been quite a year both good and bad. Let’s recap it together. Everything that has happened in 2019 was on purpose, for purpose and I’m gratef...
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As we transition into 2020 we must be intentional. No more allowing ourselves to become stuck going forward. Be sure to follow me @sheneedsme
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Rerouting in Progress

Whew!!! Well here it is, I pray you receive SOMETHING out of this episode. 3 of 10 foundational episodes and the learning curve is high. College is a ...
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Here is episode 2 of the 10 foundational episodes. As we approach 2020 we are slowing down. We all have those times when we feel like we are missing o...
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If Not Now, Then When?

Finally I am starting this podcast after putting off for so long. This is the first of 10 episodes getting to know me and becoming better together. I ...
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