Shoot the Sheet

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Two girls from a small town (that you probably haven't heard of) playing games and gabbing for 30 minutes at a time about important and not-so-important topics.

Episode 6: Dream-cast

No... not the Sega Dreamcast. In this edition of Shoot the Sheet, Jess and Julia tell you all about their dreams, what they mean, and a quick little s...
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Episode 3: You Better Not!

In this podcast, Jess and Julia discuss things that really make them mad! Tune in to hear a bunch of cussing, rants, and anger. Enjoy our misfortunes.
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Episode 4: The "isms" of our diet

In this podcast, Jess and Julia discuss special diets that revolve around the meat industry... or not. From veganism to pescetarianism (is that a word...
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Episode 3: Conspiracy Theories

Thanks for listening to us gab on for 30 minutes or so! Today, Jess and Julia explain some conspiracy theories that they discovered and share them wit...
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EPISODE 2 - FML Reviews

Thanks for listening to us. If you enjoyed, subscribe for more! Make sure you like and leave a comment letting us know what you thought about today's ...
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