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Deeper than Rap w/Yada

In this episode we are joined by the lovely @YadaBe and we get deep. We reflect on past teachers, how @clickmybic has always been a pimp, how fast tim...
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Respectfully w/ Zay and Jen

In this episode we are joined by one of our most animated guest yet, Zay and Jen. We cover a multitude of topics such as catfishing in the 2000s, Spit...
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Demon D*ck or A Blessing

Can Demon d*ck be a blessing or does a hurt blessing turn into Demon d*ck. In this episode we are joined by 2 sisters and we discuss this topic. The g...
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Mookiie Montana Part 2

This is the second part of a 3 hour convo we had with @mookiiemontana and it gets crazy. We go from the Brandy vs Monica Verzuz to talking about anal!...
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Mookiie Montana Part 1

In this episode we caught up with @mookiiemontana. We discuss Ashanti's acting performance with Joyner Lucas which sparks a convo of celebs we would a...
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Black Is Everything

Black excellence. Black is King. Black is Black. In this Episode we discuss Click's Mani Pedi, Mel's review of Black is King by Beyonce and the reemer...
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You're a Terrorist

In this episode @clickmybic starts off by saying some unkind words about a Queen! We then go into a situation that Jonez refers to someone as a terror...
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JLo Over Mariah Carey

"Jennifer Lopez is better than Mariah Carey!" Someone on this episode said this blasphemous statement. In this episode we are joined by Tone aka Fleet...
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Break Or Break Up

In this episode we start off with Click "interviewing" Jonez about being an essential worker during the pandemic. The actual podcast starts at 21:55. ...
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Can i get a discounts tho?

Can you hook me up with a discount? In this episode we discuss why we feel black people often ask other black people for discounts but not other races...
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