Shooting Brix

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Shooting Brix: Episode 5

"The Yankees should have told [Kate Upton] not to wear anything." Rory McIlroy: PGA's Ideal Player 30 Seconds(ish) in Heaven Ignorant Sports Question ...
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Shooting Brix: Episode 4

"Blanka's form as a linebacker is electrifying!" NFL Pre-Season Football: To Watch or Not to Watch, That is the Question. 30 Seconds in Heaven Ignoran...
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Shooting Brix: Episode 3

Shooting Brix: Episode 3 "Alan Iverson is the Lance Bass of my Team" Lebron James: Zero to Hero Baseball: Pop Tart or Toaster Strudel? 30 Seconds in H...
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Shooting Brix: Episode 2

Episode 2: Boys, Some Men, and Wade Boggs... - Will Soccer Take Off in the U.S.? - Jason Kidd: Huge Cojones or Just Plain Nuts? - Ignorant Sports Ques...
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Shooting Brix: Episode 1

Shooting Brix: Episode 1   - Who Doesn't Want a Carmello? - World Cup: 3 Almost Soccer Related Stories From Around the World in the U.S. - Big Stadium...
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