Shooting the Sh!t

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Dave and Brad invite you to enjoy their favorite past time: shootin' the sh!t. Two friends, who've known each other for over two decades, sit down for a weekly discussion of movies, culture, and life. Come hang!

Ghost Loads

Up for discussion this week: the Black Plague, cock rockets in outer space, and axe throwing. Also, Dave overloads on virtual sex. 
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GameStock and Cock Locks

The GameStop stock phenomenon is up for discussion.  Plus, hundreds of penises are held hostage from a sexy hacker.  
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When the War Came

Brad's dad is back in the trash. Dave's Japanese is progressing nicely. And reflections on the January 6th storming of the Capitol. 
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Lazy Hackers and Parler Porn

Brad has a brush with fame on the local news.  Adolf Hitler is back in politics. And the social media platform Parler is the hottest site to visit for...
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