Shouldn't This Be Easier

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Shouldn't This Be Easier is a brutally honest catalogue of the real-life stories of two twenty-somethings living in Chicago. From dating & relationships, to job loss & family drama, nothing is off-limits. Listen weekly as Kimmie Caruba & Shannon Whelan talk of life's ugliest, messiest, and most beautiful moments while trying to make things just a little bit easier for us all.

Episode 8: Disney+ and Thrill

We're baaaaaaccckkkk!! Thanks for sticking with us while we took a little hiatus. This week Kimmie Caruba and Shannon Whelan catch you up on what's be...
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Episode 6: Friendship Breakups

Everyone always talks about how to make yourself feel better after a romantic breakup -- ice cream, sad movies, going out with your friends... But wha...
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Episode 4: Why Are You So Rude

Listen, dealing with other people in the world can already be a challenge. So why do some people have to make it SO much harder to do?! Especially whe...
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Episode 1: First Dates

They're awkward, they're nerve-wracking, they're exciting but sometimes (mostly?) just downright BAD. For their first episode, Kimmie Caruba & Shannon...
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