Show Up and Love

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Show Up and Love is a podcast for women who are tired of just going through the motions, women who want to be happier, women who want to lighten up and feel better in every area of their lives. Kristen Finch is a life coach who has a way of breaking down all the stuff you already know about changing your life and flipping it around so you actually DO change your life.

Calming Down by Lightening Up

Lighten up - that's the doctor's orders. Published research by Dr. Karyn Purvis shows that, typically, it takes about 400 repetitions to create a new...
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Creating Your Legacy

What legacy will I leave?

What legacy do I WANT to leave?

 What do I hope people say about me when I’m gone? I really want people to say the same t...
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Find Your Community

If the people you are surrounded by aren't lifting you up, cheering you on, dusting you off, laughing with you, celebrating with you, loving on you…F...
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My Quantum-Leap Year

Some people greet the new year with goals, others with energy-charged words or phrases. There’s no wrong way to strut into 2022 as long as you’re cho...
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Things to Leave in 2021

The new year begins in a couple days and we all have GOALS on the brain. So, today I’m gonna share with you the top 3 things to leave in 2021. Do NOT...
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