Sib Squad Pod

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Claire Ava and Wyatt are three siblings who discuss funny things every week.


The siblings discuss what they have been doing during the quarantine. A special guest is featured on this episode. Support the show (
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The fourth episode in the series focuses on the Cancer sign.Support the show (
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Star Wars 1

Wyatt leads the first episode of a new series focusing on the Star Wars movie saga.Support the show (
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Claire leads the fourth part of our zodiac series. Gemini is the sign of the day. Support the show (
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Wyatt and Ava discuss the spookiest holidaySupport the show (
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Ava and Wyatt bake a cake.Support the show (
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Claire leads a discussion about the Taurus sign as the second part of our Zodiac series.Support the show (
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Zodiac Signs

This week Claire leads a discussion about Zodiac Signs. Support the show (
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Bad Jokes

Claire, Ava, and Wyatt talk about some of the best and worst jokes they have ever heard.Support the show (
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Claire begins a 12-part series about Zodiac Signs with a discussion about Aries. Support the show (
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