Silence of The Chatterbox

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I am many things. But for the purpose of this Blog the important things are I’m an Actor, a Voiceover Artist, Facilitator, friend and an absolute LOVER of the chat. Documenting surgery and silence as I seek to find my full voice again.

Right Here Waiting - Blog 12

Still in recovery waiting on Mr Consultant, worried, thanks to the nurse, that something has happened that had resulted in me having to get sutures. I...
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I Am The Voice - Blog Post 10

Having the surgery on my vocal fold in 2017 was stressful, but it brought this new found understanding of my voice, well voices in general. The fright...
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Guess Who's Back - Blog 9

Eimear The MUTE! yep, that’s me, I am back. My last blog post was the 20thDecember 2017. So its just over two years since I had surgery on my right vo...
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Elephant Shoes - Blog 8

The last 10 days have been a series of ‘Elephant shoes’ for me. I haven’t accidently told anyone I love them but I have mouthed what thought was very ...
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Meet The Mute - Day 1 Blog 5

I'm 24 hours into the silence so his one is read by my beautiful friend Charlie Murphy. You would think that being single has nothing to do with a hos...
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Nil by Mouth Blog 4

Usually ‘nil by mouth’ is the sign that appears over your hospital bed when you are fasting! And it will mean that for me from midnight, but tomorrow ...
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