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Beer , Women, Beer, Life Beer, and Living in NYC. Did we mention Beer? Join the Silly Bastards as they discuss these things and who they like to Punch in the Face.

The Silly Bastards Spin Off Promo

Vash & Sound with a announcement for up and coming projects with The Silly Bastards.   If you like chicks and booze this announcement is for you :)   ...
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Silly Bastards Season 2 Ep 01

After a mini-hiatus we are back!!!! Viewtiful J's Birthday, No Pants Subway Ride, Pillow Fights and just ramblings....its good to be back
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Silly Bastards Podcast Episode 30

Our last episode before we get ready for the madness that is New York Comic Con. Per Sound Bastard's request (threats) we play Zombie Dice while attem...
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