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A podcast about food and people, Simmer explores food stories and the connections that food creates. From learning how to make different types of noodles from around the world, to talking to local food professionals about their own stories, host Allison Howe brings people together through food.

The Noodle Project: Lasagna

Enjoy as Merrill Warren, dedicated lasagna lover, and I talk about her history with lasagna, learn together how to make lasagna noodles from scratch, ...
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Tammy Czapp: Stella Goods

Today I have Tammy Czapp on the show, owner of Stella Goods in Bozeman, MT. With the dream of someday opening a bed-and-breakfast, she taught herself...
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The Noodle Project: Thenthuk

Welcome back to The Noodle Project! Last time, Adam and I used a pasta roller to make very precise tagliatelle noodles with a thickness of 3/8th of an...
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Welcome to Simmer - E1

Download Episode Hi everyone, welcome to Simmer - stories to chew on. I'm your host, Allison Howe. In this podcast, we'll showcase different stories a...
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