Simply Muna

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Simply Muna is a light-hearted podcast aiming to explore all things millennial to mental health issues and some good ol' positive psychology

SAD Times

We are officially out of lockdown, however this topic still applies as we have a long winter ahead of us! Cope well and cope healthy! Self care is now...
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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to remain calm in the face of disaster while others appear to come undone? People that can keep their cool...
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7 Types of Love

What type of love are you in? Or tend to fall in? Tune in to find out! --- Send in a voice message:
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Empathy's Finest

While people are generally pretty well-attuned to their own feelings and emotions, getting into someone else's head can be a bit more difficult. The a...
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Personality Traits

It’s important to know yourself well. It also helps you gain insight into how others see you. We are all unique individuals in every way possible and ...
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It's that time of the year. Winter blues in full force. Recognise the symptoms and get to know how to deal with it simply! --- Send in a voice message...
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Mindfulness and Millennials

We are the most stressed out generation in history. Can mindfulness help us deal with the pressures of modern day life? --- Send in a voice message: h...
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Self Love

We spend so much time on our outside -- working on our bodies, careers, relationships, other skills and goals. It's just as important to spend time do...
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The 5 Love Languages

How do you express your appreciation in a relationship? This week we delve into the many ways we show we care, and how liked to be shown appreciation....
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