Single, Married & Its Complicated Podcast

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Three different point of views...three different relationship status...when it comes to relationships we all fall under some category. Take a listen to hear the differences and even the similarities in each as we cover a host of topics. So if your single, married or even if its complicated you can relate, Promise!

Ready to Love ft. Tres

In episode 4 we are joined by Tres and we answer the question "Are you ready to love"? We also talk about Red Flags, and why is it important to heal f...
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Love Languages

In episode 3 we talk about the 5 love languages a book by Gary Chapman.  We talk about why these are important in a relationship, and how to speak you...
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The Power of the P

In episode 2 we talk about the Power of the Penis.  Do men really hold the power in a sexual relationship? Why do women give up their power to the pen...
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Season 2 Ep. 1 The Dating Pool

WE ARE BACK!!!!!!  In Season 2 episode 1 of the podcast we are talking about the dating pool in Charlotte.  Is Charlotte to small? Does everybody real...
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Deal Breakers Part 2!

Hey yall!  This is our Season 1 Episode 10 Finale.  We are going to finish how we started, with Deal Breakers pt 2.   We really appreciate everyone wh...
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That's my type

Episode 9 we talk about the 7 toxic and favorable partners in a relationship.  We are joined by our guest Ryan and he is speaking on behalf of "elite ...
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To be or Not to be: Monogamy

Episode 8 we talk about being in a monogamous or non monogamous relationship.  Can a sustainable relationship last in today's society? Why do people c...
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Online Dating

In episode 7 we talk about online dating.  We of course spill our tea, but also provide our do's and don'ts when creating a online profile.   --- This...
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