Sith Takers Snap Shots

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Sith Takers Snap Shots is a podcast dedicated to the X-Wing Miniatures Game created by Fantasy Flight Games run by the Sith Takers based in Stockport, North West UK. The goal of the podcast is to release three podcasts a week of a short duration (approx 10-15 mins) discussing a single topic in detail with different members of the Sith Takers team. We will discuss news on upcoming releases and their impact on the game, our experiences attending and preparing for tournaments around the world, list creation and tweaking, meta breakdowns, and much more.

No defence

Episode 196 - No defence Rich and Ben are joined by Tom Reed to talk about his recent attempt to defend the Sith Taker Cup (spoiler... it didn't happe...
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First Order whispers

Episode 195 - First Order whispers Rich, Ben & Tim chat about some of the rumours surrounding the teased First Order Squadron pack and Resistance Y-wi...
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Mon Cala Maple Leafs

Episode 194 - Mon Cala Maple Leafs Richard & Ben are joined by Andrew Oehler, Champion of the GSP Mon Cala Galaxies and finalist at the Firestorm Fire...
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Firecast Cup Judgement

Episode 193 - Firecast Cup Judgement Rich and Ben are joined by X-wing Judge supremo Filippo Bosi and Rey No. 2 Fan Tom Fieldsend to talk about last w...
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Lessons learnt under Lockdown

Episode 192 - Lessons learnt under Lockdown In this episode Rich, Ben & Tim chat about some of the things we've been doing differently in our games of...
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Flawless Victory

Episode 191 - Flawless Victory Rich & Ben are joined by Matthias 'Sad Toaster' who seems to be making a habit of going unbeaten in Swiss at events inc...
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Skystrike Stand Up

Episode 190 - Skystrike Stand Up Ben and Rich are joined by Chris Burnett from Tin Squadron to chat about last weekends GSP Aces event and see how the...
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Macho Man Vader Savaged

Episode 189 - Macho Man Vader Savaged World Champ Oli Pocknell crashes the recording! Ben, Rich and Colm discuss some of the points, ships & abilities...
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Can It Be All So Simple

Episode 188 - Can It Be All So Simple Tim and Ben are joined by Pavel Morawski from Poland who called us out for getting his list wrong last week (pro...
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Goji's explosive Kyber Final

Episode 187 - Goji's explosive Kyber Final Rich, Ben and Tim sit down to discuss the Final from Season Five of the Kyber Cup run by Hexiledgaming whic...
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