Slam Dunk Cinema

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Slam Dunk Cinema is Sheffield’s flagship movie review radio show hosted by film critic Van Connor and co-host Dave Walker. Slam Dunk Cinema brings you a weekly run-through of the UK Box Office Top 10, interviews with local film personalities, reviews of the latest cinema releases and a peep at the latest DVD releases. Each show is painstakingly researched and lovingly crafted, with Van forced to sit through each and every film (whether he wants to or not), all in the name of fair criticism. Rom-coms, tween vampire melodramas and 3D concert movies starring some thirteen year-old you’ve never heard of, he sits through them all so that you won’t have to suffer yourself. You might think this would drive a man insane after a while, luckily Dave is always on hand to keep Van from losing his mind. Slam Dunk Cinema is broadcast every Saturday at 12pm on Sheffield Live 93.2FM