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A biweekly video podcast hosted by beat maker/producer lastnamedavid as he engages in intimate, philosophical, and candid conversations with special guests and artists. For advertising and sponsorship opportunities please contact:

v.c.r – S05E01

For this episode, lastnamedavid spends some time with V.C.R and talk about her beginnings in Memphis, TN, colorism, they tried to remember the name fo...
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zeroh – S04E09

on this episode, lastnamedavid and zeroh got together to tlk about a lot of things like losing the game, the remapping of the human brain, zeroh’s one...
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behte – S04E08

in this episode, lastnamedavid and behte spend their time tlkng about behte’s squabbles, the affects of pride, growing with aging parents, and much mo...
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lizette – S04E07

In this episode, lastnamedavid and lizette tlk about extroversion, trees, child development in compromised environments, preserving wonder, and so muc...
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swarvy – S04E06

for this episode, lastnamedavid and swarvy make small tlk over swarvy’s experience working with tony allen, how he doesn’t believe in writer’s block, ...
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fly anakin – S04E05

in this episode, lastnamedavid and fly anakin shore thoughts and laughs over fly’s becomings as an artist, his indicators of intimacy, how important m...
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lojii – S04E04

In this episode, lastnamedavid lays down with philly’s own lojii and discuss showerheads, exporting plastic into space, his most recent album “lo&beho...
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ahwlee – S04E03

  On this episode of small tlk, lastnamedavid and ahwlee lay down and discuss what ahwlee values currently, the evolution of porn, and controlling the...
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fousheé – S04E02

in this episode, lastnamedavid lays down with fousheé as they make conversation over the venerability of black men’s hairlines, homelessness, managing...
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justice singleton – S04E01

small tlk is back bby, and for the season opener lastnamedavid lays down with justice singleton. they share their thoughts on black reparations, the b...
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