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NYC based Podcast & Alliance of female millennial FAs, financially educating women of all ages to close the gender money gap.

To Budgeting & Beyond

On today’s episode of the $mart Women Invest podcast, we are discussing the importance of spending plans. When we choose to use this term instead of ‘...
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The Psych of Investing

Investing isn’t for the weak-willed. To divert money from your wallet to an investment fund takes a specific type of person. You have to acknowledge t...
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Ax The Pink Tax

We vote with our dollar.  And the more something costs, the less voice we have in our wallet for our next purchase. That is why it’s important to be a...
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Mind On My Money | Leanna Haakons

It’s okay to pursue money. But as we work diligently at our jobs and side hustles, we can fall into the tunnel vision of solely caring about our paych...
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Tax to the Max

The end of the year is approaching. As we plan our parties and festivities for this holiday season, we are putting that final stamp on the spending in...
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Jingle Ballin' on a Budget

Giving gifts is difficult. You have to find something the person would want, while keeping the price under an appropriate budget. For the novice buyer...
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The Wellness Map | Amy Salman

Tempting food is everywhere. From our office snack rooms to our kitchen cabinets, the chips and candy is ever-present. We go about our days, wanting t...
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HSA: Don't Keep the Doctor Away!

We sit at desks all day. And if we’re not exercising, our backs may start to hurt. Pretty soon we’re at the doctor, and an MRI is recommended, or mayb...
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