Snack Battles

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We are Matt (Italian Beef) and Daniel (Slo Nibz), and we exist to berate each other on the nuances of food etiquette.

10 : Are Cheetos A Chip?

After a bit of a hiatus, Snack Battles returns! This time, we're debating whether or not we can consider Cheetos a chip. And don't forget to head over...
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09 : Thanksgiving Special

Welcome to a Thanksgiving Snack Battles Special. This is the variety pack: filled with various bite-size battles on the subject of all things Turkey D...
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08 : Pizza Shapes

Snack Battles returns with a zesty new battle: pizza cuts. Do you prefer the classic triangular pie-cut or the party pizza style of squares. Listen to...
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07 : Halloween Candy

After a brief hiatus (where we both got ourselves boo'ed up), Snack Battles returns to discuss the WORST Halloween candy. Plus, we talk about Taco Bel...
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