Sober Dope

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Two sisters discuss the high and lows of living sober and being dope.

Barely Sober

We are back with season 2! Buckle up, bitches, we’re getting real and reconnected. Today’s topic is why we took a break from the podcast, what exactly...
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Progress ≠ Perfection

In this episode sober siblings Grace & Holly discuss what it means to “heal” your bull$#!% in recovery. Is it possible? What does it look like? Also: ...
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You Better WERK

Hol and Gracie discuss “doing the work,” whatever the f#%@ that means. From recognizing patterns, to getting the courage to face your deep issues... t...
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Never surrender. I AM THE ALAMO!

Sound quality sucks FOR THE LAST TIME you guys because I recorded on dumb ass headphones. So sorry! This week is about resources for our sobriety. Sha...
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Holly’s Story

Holly shares her amazing journey into sobriety. Or in other words, “says fuck a lot and talks about being an alcoholic.”
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Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

Our first episode. It’s rough. Just the way your mother likes it. We talk about who we are and why we are doing a sobriety podcast. Two sober sisters ...
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