Sober in the Sunshine

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Hear from real life people living their best lives sober, and learn about the tools they use to deal with life's ups and downs without numbing out.

09: Molly's story

Molly wasn't a stereotypical alcoholic when she decided to quit drinking over a year ago.  So why did she quit?  What made drinking all of a sudden un...
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08: Renee's story

Renee talks about what it was like to travel across the country to attend a sober convention in early sobriety, and why she decided to start blogging ...
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07: Lessons from early sobriety

Jessica brings you her first mini solo episode, and delves into the topic of what she learned from early sobriety.  She discusses tools that helped he...
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06: Carol's story

Carol and Jessica talk about dealing with grief and early sobriety together. Carol talks about choosing one-on-one therapy as her main source of heali...
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05: Checking in!

Jessica checks in to let listeners know she's still alive, that more episodes are coming, and that sometimes you have to put self-care first to mainta...
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04: Jeff's story

Jessica is joined by her friend Jeff, who talks about what it's like to enjoy a clean and sober life after years of heavy drug and alcohol use, and ho...
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03: Kirsten's story

Hear from Kirsten about what it's like to build your own "patchwork recovery" without 12 step meetings, finding community with other sober women, and ...
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02: Kerry's story

Join Jessica and Kerry as they discuss Kerry's journey up from her rock bottom, working the steps, and finding God in an unlikely place.   Show Notes:...
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01: Jessica's story

Join Jessica as she introduces the podcast and describes the end of her drinking and the hellish anxiety that went with it. Find out what tools she us...
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