Socially Awkward with Evan Wecksell


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Comedian Evan Wecksell (VH1, E!, Conan) interviews his closest Facebook friends and most distant Facebook acquaintances. Expect things to get awkward.

Max Bonilla – Ep130

Max Bonilla is a 17-year-old activist from Sacramento. Max talks about how the pandemic made him more aware of California state laws and the legislatu...
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Judea Johnson – Ep129

Judea Johnson is a renaissance woman that advocates for medical freedom and loves to travel! Recently relocated from California to Florida, Judea expl...
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Jessica Amal – Ep125

Jessica Amal is an actress, writer and producer who actually cast Evan in his first student film when he moved to LA! After reminiscing about the film...
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Kristi Slager Salerno – Ep124

Kristi Slager initially met Evan at Beverly Hills Playhouse and over a decade later she’s on Socially Awkward! Did you know at Notre Dame that Joe Mon...
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Taryn Kristal – Ep121

Taryn Kristal is the founder of The Resolvancy – a divorce strategy and coaching firm, but to Evan she is the girl into whose locker he slipped a Pean...
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