Socially Criminal

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A socially criminal synthesis of the week's top news, as well as a recap of the more obscure stories that may have flown under the radar. We also answer listener questions, provide advice, and rant about random things we encounter day-to-day.

Episode 13: The Comeback

We've been off the air for over a month due to vacation and other scheduling conflicts, but we're finally back with Episode 13. The news was relativel...
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Episode 12: Week of 05/12/19

DJ SmartGuy is back from Denver, and we're back with Episode 12. Topics include Zion Williamson (26:05), criminals driving for Uber and Lyft (39:50), ...
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Episode 11: Week of 04/28/19

DJ SmartGuy is away on a business trip in Denver, so it's just the two of us for Episode 11. Top stories include an incident with United Airlines invo...
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Episode 10: Week of 04/14/19

After a week hiatus, we’re back with episode 10. Top stories include Julian Assange’s arrest, the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral, a South Carolina m...
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Episode 9: Week of 03/31/19

In episode 9, we discuss the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle (10:22), Komodo Dragon theft in Indonesia (31:50), Omarion Banks, the Atlanta teen that wa...
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Episode 8: Week of 03/24/19

Episode 8 is in the books. We discuss assisted suicide in New Jersey (1:05), victims of the Parkland (8:09) and Sandy Hook (46:20) school shootings ta...
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Episode 7: Week of 03/17/19

After a week hiatus, we're back with Episode 7. Topics include the college admissions scandal (8:52), hotel voyeurism in South Korea (20:40), the New ...
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Episode 6: Week of 03/03/19

We're down one co-host this week, but we're back with our most eclectic show yet. We discuss the new Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland, d...
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Episode 5: Week of 02/24/19

Episode 5 kicks off with a recap of the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performance at the 91st Academy Awards. News topics include Craig Coley, the Cali...
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Episode 4: Week of 02/17/19

Without fail, we're back with Episode 4. Topics include Michigan power lifter turned hero, Ryan Belcher (3:05), the US/Mexico border wall (9:10), Bern...
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