Socially Just Us

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In this 8-part podcast series, 8 educators examine social justice issues in the classroom and beyond.

Behind The Screens

Episode A group chat of teachers from Ashford High School, Alabama, leaked and revealed boastful messages about their students. Screenshots of the cha...
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Do you see me?

Episode Five Wolf Point High School, in Montana, is currently under investigation by the Civil Rights Office for discrimination. Native American stude...
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Leather Bound

Episode Four Dylan McCabe had to recieve permission from her school to wear her traditional clothing to her graduation and was partially approved. Her...
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Episode 3

Episode A teen wrestler in Texas is forced to wrestle girls when he identifies as male. Works Cited:
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Supporting LGBTQ Students

Episode Two Two incidents at a K-8 school raises some issue about LGBTQ students. In one incident, students were denied forming a LGBTQ organization a...
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Episode 1

Episode About the Host Music Music from "Guiton Sketch" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (http://creativ...
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