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Welcome to Some Things Podcast! The three of us (Luke, Dylan, and Jon) are three regular dudes who just want to talk about some things - life, movies, sports, and any other stupid stuff we can think of.

Episode 27: Corona Cuff

Luke was handcuffed to his brother for 12 hours while everyone is supposed to be social distancing because of a deadly virus. What more do you want?
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Episode 26: The Astros Suck

The podcast starts with a lighthearted conversation about poptarts and donuts and other breakfast food but eventually turns into a hammering of the Ho...
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Episode 25: The Quarter Quell

Welcome to another FULLY RANDOM episode of Some Things! This week we take a break from entertainment and sports and focus on that ridiculous random no...
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Episode 24: This One's For Kobe

Along with our usual randomness, we review movies including the Gentlemen and discuss the Astros sign stealing controversy. Do not be surprised by the...
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Episode 22: Welcome to the Decade

As we welcome in the new decade, we also welcome Kevin in his first appearance on the podcast. He joins us as we talk about proper pizza shapes, drivi...
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Episode 21: Daniel for the Win

Welcome to the last episode of 2019! We welcome Daniel for the first time and hear all about his budding career on the drum set and how we can support...
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Episode 20: Christmas Time Is Here

Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome to the first annual Some Things Christmas episode. In this episode we talk about the best and worst Christmas presen...
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Episode 19: No Dessert For Us

Does anybody even read these descriptions? I don't even know. This episode has a lot going on so I'm not going to bother trying to describe it. What a...
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Episode 18: Thanks For Tom Hanks

Welcome to the very first Thanksgiving episode of Some Things! Unfortunately Jon and Luke were unable to make it, but there absence is filled in by th...
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