Somebody’s Dope! with Rhonda Jane

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This podcast is about highlighting my DOPE Mom Lifestyle as Rhonda Jane in addition to sitting down and interviewing some overall dope folks. Hence the name, Somebody’s Dope! A Dope Mom, A Dope Hustler, A Dope Artist or Musician. Regardless of one’s personal stance on cannabis, you can still be a Dope individual. Rhonda Jane sits down with some Dope guests and chop it up about everything from music, capitalism, cannabis and everything in between!

Venus Day Self-Love Affirmations

On today’s episode Rhonda Jane shares some self-love affirmations with listeners to help keep your vibe high and to boost your confidence. She also ta...
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(Mini Intro)

Rhonda Jane gives a brief glimpse into the different topics she will discuss and cover on the new podcast, Somebody’s Dope! FKA Greenhouse Sessions. N...
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