Something Truly Terrible

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Three friends, and possibly some others along the way, discuss the dumbest things they can in the worst possible way. It’s something truly terrible.

A Hyperrealistic Halloween

BOO! Scared ya! This Halloween we discuss AOC's boyfriend, some Mortal Kombat, and SPOOKY STORIES! So come in, join the fun. It's something truly SCAR...
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Caulk and Wall Torture

With our friend, we discuss some updates around the show, Joe Biden's love for music, and caulk. Lots and lots of caulk. Its something truly terrible....
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We Want Big Shark

How to lose an election, movies you should watch, and BIG SHARK! Its something truly terrible. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest ...
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Piss Talk

Yep. It's like the episode title says. We talk about some hypotheticals and have a good time. It's something truly terrible.  --- This episode is spon...
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The Loudest Episode

Joined by the amazing hosts from The Loudest Podcast, we discuss nazi colleges and have plenty of laughs the entire time! It's a great time! Actually,...
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Search History Surprise

We were all so tired while recording this one. In this episode, we discuss some brief Mortal Kombat characters, the new Invisible Man movie, Erika's p...
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