SONDA - ZVO.ČI.TI ( 2010


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The world of digital technologies, of electronic sounds and images, seems to be the natural surrounding for son:DA. In their work, though, they are not fascinated with the endless possibilities of new technologies. rather, they are critical and ironical towards such fascinations. The constant multiplication of new technologies and their effects turns into noise, just as the actual physical space gets crowded with electric wires, cables, and piles of hardware that used to be brand new, cutting edge technologie. The works of son:DA are often deliberately simple and restrained, sometimes using very basic technical possibilities that stress an "underground" feeling. - - - written by: Igor Zabel _ aperto slovenia _ flash art magazine _ january-february 2004) - - - The tandem son:DA belongs to that area of art characterised by the linking of various technologies and media, as well as a new approach to group work. son:DA is active in the areas of installations, computer drawing and audiovisual performance. Characteristic motifs of this group are electrical cables and the rest of the electrical menagerie, such as outlets, telephones, a computer; in short, elements that represent connection and the communication methods of modern society. The tandem son:DA creates art with partners who change according to the needs of the project. They are replacing traditional authorship with various forms of participation. Impurity and hybridisation are characteristic both in their individual processes as well as at the level of content. son:DA uses a fresh approach to reinvigorate the irony of modern society as seen, for example, in the films of Jacques Tati. Similar to how the main character in the film ‘Mon Oncle’ becomes tangled in an enormous number of plastic hoses, son:DA would intertwine a figure with cables in their computer-generated drawings. All of this serves as criticism of the absurdity of technologised modern society and its alienation. - - - written by: Zdenka Badovinac _ cityspaces _ arco 06 - - -