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Episode 10 - February News

In this episode, Drew catches you up on the important things you should know that happened this month. Topics include the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and F...
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Episode 9 - Cutting the Cord

Are you sick of paying for that expensive cable TV package? In this episode, Drew describes all of your options with new streaming TV services so that...
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Episode 8 - January News

Phew! January is nearly over, but there was so much tech news to cover with CES happening this month in Las Vegas! In this episode, Drew discusses the...
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Episode 7 - 2018 Tech Gift Guide

The first annual SoundHub Holiday Tech Gift Guide! Drew gives recommendations on the products that are worth your money from 2018! TVs, Speakers, Head...
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Episode 6 - November News

Welcome to Season Two of SoundHub! After a summer hiatus, Drew is ready to catch you up on the big tech news that has transpired.
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Episode 5 - Wifi, wifi, wifi...

Gone are the days of hard-to-setup wireless routers! In this episode, Drew tackles the unpopular subject of wifi and the new technologies that are ava...
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Episode 4 - March News

In the episode, Drew recaps all of the important tech stories from March, including the Facebook breach, the Apple event, and the YouTube Kids app.
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Episode 2 - Demystifying TVs

For this episode, Drew will help you navigate the somewhat intimidating world of choosing a new TV! There are some useful tidbits in here to help you ...
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