Sounds Brenteresting

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Just two guys named Brent, talking about random things.

Episode 9: Lego(s)

We're finally back! Well, in truth we recorded this episode MONTHS ago, and are just now getting around to posting it (#thankscovid). More episodes so...
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Episode 7: Disney Rides

In this episode we discuss a brief history of Disney World, as well as some conspiracy theories. Then we get into our favorite rides. 
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Episode 6: Mark Twain

This week, we're getting into the history of one of the father of American literature, Samuel Langhorne Clemens... or as you may know him, Mark Twain.
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Episode 5: Faith

This week we discuss our faith and the recent Rhett and Link "deconstruction" of their faith.
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Episode 1: Star Wars

In the first ever episode of "Sounds Brenteresting" we dive into one of our favorite subject matters, the world of Star Wars. 
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