Sounds Fake But Okay

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A podcast where an aromantic asexual girl and a demisexual-straight girl talk about all things to do with love, relationships, sexuality, and pretty much anything else that they just don't understand.

Sounds Hiatus But Okay

Hey what's up hello! As you can see from the title, we're taking a bit of a hiatus. We'll see you on April 10th <3Donate:
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Ep 206: Asexual/Aromantic Joy

We all know that being on asexual and/or aromantic spectrum can be really hard sometimes. But that isn't the focus of today's relax-adjacent...
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Ep 205: Reddit Confessions

Hey what's up hello! We're heading back to Reddit, but this time we're checking out r/Confessions and r/Confession. What are the deepes...
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