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Tired of writer's block? Join Desiree Brown, the founder of the Young Eager Writers Association, as she shares fun, easy, and inspiring writing exercises to help overcome writer's block, strengthen writing skills, and build confidence within the craft.

Netflix / Dialogue exercise

This exercise is normally done in a public place, but due to COVID-19 I've altered it so you can participate at home. It involves a streaming service ...
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Story building exercise

Since we are all cooped up in our homes (hopefully you're practicing social-distancing) I thought sharing a small group exercise would be beneficial. ...
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"I Remember, I Remember"

To honor National Poetry Month, I'll explain a free-write exercise inspired by Mary Ruefle’s poem, “I Remember, I Remember." For more episodes, visit ...
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Seven-word exercise

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you may think it's a writer's dream to self-isolate and write all day. However, many writers are finding it difficult to...
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Ep. 1 Writing Prompt Journals

On this episode of Sparking Creativity, Desiree starts off this series discussing writing prompt journals. Find more quick episodes at youngeagerwrite...
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