Spit That Game

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We are talking SEC sports mainly but I love the game so much everyone will be in on the action. You will not want to miss the highs and lows I am bringing to you in each segment. I mean we are talk the best plays to worst/missed ref calls. I will also be discussing plays and who is performing at their prime! Stay tuned!

Spit That Game (Episode 7)

It's Week 11 and THE RIVALRY IS HERE!! Predictions for the SEC games for the weekend and one out of conference matchups that could shake up the playof...
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Spit That Game (Episode 6)

We review the slow weekend of college football that took place in the SEC. I also give my input in the College Football Playoff Rankings. Tune in for ...
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Spit That Game (Episode 5)

Not too many great games this week in college football as a whole, but the best game of the weekend comes out of the best conference in college footba...
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Spit That Game (Episode 4)

I am discussing the Week 9 games and scores that took place over the weekend! Tune in for the next 25-35 minutes of your time! This is Spit That Game!
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Spit That Game (Episode 3)

In this episode, I give the matchups for week 9 in the SEC and my score and winner predictions. We also go outside of the conference and discuss the i...
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Spit That Game (Episode 1)

This is the first episode that we are airing. We are talking predictions mainly in the SEC and the bigger games outside of the conference.
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