Squawking the Watchmen

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Angie and Doug discuss and breakdown HBO's The Watchmen. Please join us every Tues.

S1 E9 See How They Fly

In the finale, Angie and Doug discuss if this was worth the buildup and/or live up to expectations. Join us as we say goodbye to The Watchmen because ...
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S1 E7 A God Walks Into Abar

We discuss the penultimate episode and we get some answers as Dr. Manhattan makes his appearance and lets us all know where he has been exactly. We th...
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S1 E7 An Almost Religious Awe

Trap doors, heartbreaking moments, and Dr. Manhattan wearing shorts! This episode has it all. Join Doug and Angie as they discuss episode 7. Under Lad...
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S1 E6 This Extraordinary Being

Angie and Doug go up the Frankhole of Will's memories. What is his connection to Hooded Justice? How subtle could they make his relationship with Capt...
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S1 E5 Little Fear of Lightning

We discuss the Looking Glass episode 5 of the Watchmen. Cereal sugar sludge, Jehovah Witness armageddon, and more are discussed. The origin story of L...
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S1 E3 She Was Killed by Space Junk

Doug and Angie discuss the debut of Agent Blake. She disrupts Tulsa as she leads the investigation into the Chief's death. We also continue our trip t...
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