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SRR 06 - Just How Extra is Extra?

Download Episode06.mp3 This week Andrew and Anth deconstruct some politicians with agendas talking about Bill 115, followed by an interview with Koro...
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SRR 03 - No Kidding!

Download Episode03.mp3 This episode features an interview with Annie Kidder, Executive Director of People for Education. We welcome your input and co...
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SRR 02 - Civics PD

Download Episode02.mp3 Our first PD episode consisting of audio that we were, largely, not responsible for. The recording consists of the majority of...
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SRR 01 - Who's in Charge?

Download Episode01.mp3 Thanks to special guest Greg Pietersma, Chair of the Upper Canada District School Board, for talking about the evolution of bo...
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SRR 0 - A New Hope

Download Episode0.mp3 For all future podcasts (until further notice) source information for the image and theme is listed here: Base image for this e...
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