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Welcome to the STAOS Podcast, where we talk sports and maybe some other stuff. Looking at the "wide spectrum of sports" through a bit of a Chicago lens.

Playoff Ready

Chris is joined by Ian & Jamil to chop it up about: The NBA bubble going into the playoffs The runs of the Blazers and Suns Ian's Crown Royal Mailbag
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Bubble Trouble: The Returns

Chris is joined by a magnificent guest to discuss: Health precautions MLB fumbling their return? NBA bubble successful? Why is he still here? Return o...
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Safe to Come Out?

Chris is joined by Ian & Dave to discuss sports' comeback amid the pandemic. Ian digs into his Crown Royal Mailbag for answers to the street's NBA que...
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The Final Dance

We recap Episodes 9 & 10 "The Last Dance" documentary, then do a docuseries roundup. Does it cement GOAT status? Was MJ a bully? Who's offended by the...
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Great times for Bulls fans!  New front office Last Dance Doc Mike had ESPN release the tapes!
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STAOS Remembers Kobe

We remember Kobe Bryant's greatest moments. We also discuss the statements recently made about Kobe Bryant.
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