State Of The Art

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Each week, host Gabriel Barcia-Colombo speaks with a new artist, curator, technologist, AI, collector, innovator, about the ever-changing relationship between art and tech.

The Art of Ali Santana

Ali Santana is a director and multi-disciplinary artist working with video, sound, collage, installation, and performance. Santana, a native Brooklyni...
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The Art of Ziv Schneider

Ziv Schneider is an artist and designer working with new and emerging technologies, often in the context of non-fiction storytelling. She is an alumna...
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The Art of Vivian Greven

Vivian Greven’s painting is based on an adept play with various notions of bodies, being and representation, with concepts of classical antiquity merg...
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The Art of Yuge Zhou

Yuge studied drawing under Chinese contemporary painter Kaixi Cui 崔开玺 and eventually moved into Video Art after earning her Master of Fine Art from th...
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The Art of Greg Gage

Greg is the co-founder and CEO of Backyard Brains, an Ann Arbor-based company started as a neuroscience graduate student at the University of Michigan...
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The Art of Efraín Rozas

In this episode, Peruvian artist Efraín Rozas talks with us about his career, projects, how he uses software programming to produce sound installation...
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The Art of Saks Afridi

In this episode, multidisciplinary artist, Saks Afridi discusses his collaborative projects with artisans and technologists across the globe to create...
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The Art of Kameron Neal

In this episode, we speak with video artist Kameron Neal who uses his body and personal narratives to explore intimacy and to challenge socio-politica...
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