State of the Spill

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A podcast where we candidly discuss all things young adulthood. Grab a glass and get in on the conversation.

Let Go, and Move On

On this week's episode of #StateoftheSpill, we discuss the importance of removing toxic people from your life. Grab your glass, and get into this conv...
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Post Grad Survival Guide

Congratulations 2019 Graduates! Your squad at State of the Spill is so proud of your accomplishments and excited for your future. Grab your glasses th...
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In My Bag and His Too

This episode we're discussing some of our favorite moments in pop culture last week. Starting with the drop of the new Megan thee Stallion album, Feve...
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The Sleepover Episode

Welcome to the Girl's Room! This episode the squad chose to have a pajama party to discuss all things beauty related and of course reconnect as friend...
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Where's Episode 7?

Seeing is believing... Watch Us on YouTube:   Follow us on Instagram & Twitter: @stateofthesp...
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Issa Celebration

Marshmallow vodka and sweaty basements! Join the ladies for a fun reflection on their "turn up history". Raise your glass for the birthday girl! ~ Wat...
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Family Matters

As we progress through this thing called adulting, we often think about how we are getting older. But do we also take time to think about our parents ...
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Staying Alive in the 9-5

We have to work to pay bills, rent, and the check at the end of brunch. Grab your glass and get in on the conversation about identity, conflict, and p...
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Lovin', Trustin', Leavin'

'Tis the season for love! But how are those trust issues coming along? Grab your glass and get in on the conversation. ~ Watch Episode 2 on YouTube: h...
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