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The best fantasy football talk you've never heard of.

Ep 83 - Super Bowl LV

The Big Game is upon us yet again, this time as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Kansas City Chiefs in their own stadium. On this episode, we reflect...
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Ep 82 - Souza's Pizza

We are now nearing Championship Sunday in this year's NFL season. So for a fantasy football podcast, there isn't much to address besides making a home...
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Ep 81 - Paul

This is a fantasy football podcast. But since the NFL Regular Season is over, we have no fantasy to talk about. So this episode is about Uncle Paul. W...
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Ep 80 - 2020 Stellar Awards Show

Happy New Year from the Stellar Cellar Podcast! And like every New Year episode, we start off by recapping the best and worst from the 2020 NFL Season...
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Ep 79 - Back To Back

In the last podcast of 2020, we recap Championship week in Fantasy Football, with special guest, and now 2x League Champion, Ol' Craig! Also, we revea...
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Ep 78 - TBB

Ladies and Gentlemen... this is your main event of the 2020 Fantasy Football Season: Mason. Souza. Toilet Bowl Game. Somebody has to lose! We go into ...
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Ep 77 - A Sh***y Podcast

After a thrilling Week 14, morale is down for the members of the Stellar Cellar Podcast. Glenn is eliminated, while Souza and Mason continue to avoid ...
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Ep 76 - Paper Bag

The fantasy playoffs are here, and this week's episode features a very special guest, Jake Aaronson. Glenn and Jake go head to head this week in the f...
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Ep 75 - Loyal Reek

It's the longest Week 12 in NFL History, and we got you covered! From the best and worst from the holiday weekend, all the way from Tyreek Hill, Derri...
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Ep 74 - Juan And Ten

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! And in a year like no other, along with a football season like no other, the unexpected keeps happening, as Souza finall...
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