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Join Steve, founder of LingQ, and Jill as they talk about a variety of things related to learning English and learning languages.


'Interlanguage' and 'fossilization' are two terms we do not believe are very useful at The Linguist. However, Jill and Steve discussed them at the req...
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Easy words and phrases

Jill and Steve are talking about some easy words and phrases that perhaps some of the beginner or intermediate learners have trouble with or don't use...
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Getting Used to Using Get

Jill and Steve were talking about the word "get". This is a word that has many meanings, especially when used in combination with other words. Listen ...
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Would, could, might

When do you use would, and could and might. These and others are called modal verbs. Here Jill and Steve talk about them.
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Speak English or talk English?

Jill and Steve talk about pairs of words that can cause trouble. Do we just speak about them? Do we learn to speak English at The Linguist, or do we l...
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