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Stoopcast is the funny, rambling, slightly crazy new podcast from Indie Filmmaker Ethan Hunter and his hetero-lifemate, actor Travis Barkley. They talk about movies, life, whatever comes to mind.

Stoopcast 20: Speedy Delivery

Wherine everyone's favorite deliveryman sits in for the whole cast as they talk at great length about the Mini Me sex tape, Brangelina's newest spawn,...
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The Ohio Cast

A departure from the regular cast wherein E and Mr. McPhealy travel to Ohio to work for a Presidential Campaign. This cast is all about travels, trial...
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Stoopcast 14: Mental Prep

Wherein in a super-sized cast E and T tell all kinds of jokes, mostly about Amy Winehouse and then, if you can believe it, talk more about American Gl...
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Stoopcast 13: Lucky Charmers

Wherein E and T tell some more jokes, talk even more about American Gladiators, touch on the whole Britney thing for a bit, check in with their old fr...
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Stoopcast 12: Trav Vs. Titan

Wherein E and T tell some more monologue jokes and then dive right the hell in to discussing Trav’s brilliant and brutal career as a future contestant...
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Wherein E and T discuss Christmas, tell some jokes, go back to the well to read some helpful articles from one of their favorite authors, ponder the a...
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