Stories From A Mountain Town

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People that live in a mountain town come from all around the world and from all walks of life. These are the stories of those people. Support this podcast:

Episode 61- Ian Munsick

Ian is a country music singer that was born and raised in Sheridan, Wyoming. I had a fantastic time chatting with him about Wyoming, the music industr...
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Episode 60- Ryan Kurtz

Ryan recently completed a bike race called the Tour Divide! A 2,500 mile route from the Canadian border in Montana down to the Mexican border in New M...
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Episode 59- Emma Backes, RDN, CPT

Emma is a Registered Dietitian and founder of Back 2 Basic Nutrition, a business focused on helping you create a healthy relationship with food! We re...
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Episode 58- Borbay

Borbay is a painter, father, and all around good guy living in Victor, Idaho. His resume outside painting is long and illustrious, and I had a blast c...
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Episode 57- Kevin Grange

Kevin Grange is a firefighter paramedic here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He is the author of the book Wild Rescues: A Paramedic's Extreme Adventures in ...
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Episode 56- Lindsay Emerson

Lindsay was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. She was a member of the US Snowboard Team, competing in The Snowboard World Cup and is a 5 time US ...
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Episode 55- Jill King

Jill is the owner and editor of The Scout Guide Jackson Hole. She loves Wyoming and loves helping small businesses grow! I had a fantastic time chatti...
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Episode 54- John Cameron

John has grown a pretty good sized audience on Tik Tok from posting avalanche & backcountry safety tips. So naturally I had him on to chat about the c...
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Episode 53- Scott Austin

Scott is the dean of students at the Jackson Hole Bible College, and a firearms safety instructor for Jackson Hole Shooting Experience. In this episod...
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Episode 52- Alex Gavic

Since Alex was last on this show, he had his instagram account hacked, somehow got it back and moved up to Jackson Hole!  Thank you for listening! ---...
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