Stories From Planet Earth

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Exploring stories of perseverance from a multitude of perspectives. Life can be bizarre but we're in it together.

Merging Two Worlds: Jotsna

Jotsna shares about her experience moving to the United States from India at age three and how she's balanced the two very different cultures she grew...
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Mentor Me: Shivani

This week, Shivani talks about drawing inspiration from the inspiring people around you and gives us the inside scoop on her podcast Mentor Me Macha!
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Playing Your Part: Mari Breeze

Mari shares how she feels as a biracial women in the wake of George Floyd's murder, her experience protesting and more. (any background noise is broug...
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Use Your Voice

We're taking a break from the interviews to discuss the current state of affairs. Selena talks privilege, evaluating our bias and using your voice.
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