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Writers write. Professional writers write a lot. The StoryADay May challenge exists to help you learn how much you're capable of writing in a month. The Write Every Day, Not "Some Day" podcast helps you figure out how to keep that commitment up for the rest of your life. Each 10-15 minute episode tackles a particular topic and gives you a writing assignment to complete before the next episode. Music credit: Alan McPike (

Fearless Feedback

Sharing your writing with other can be fabulous, but also a scary and, occasionally, can dent a writer's confidence. This episode shows you how to gi...
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Preparing to Rework your Writing

Now that you have a stack of stories, what do you do with them? There's a lot to the next part of the process, and I'm here to break it down into man...
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Battling Burnout

Are you avoiding your writing? It's possible you're suffering from burnout. Learn how to identify it and combat it in this episode of the StoryADay Po...
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Keep Writing Until It Gets Weird

Going from week 2 to week 3 of the challenge, something wonderful happens...things start to get weird, and it becomes about 'getting it done' not 'mak...
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StoryADay Sept Week 1

What are you learning about writing in this, week 1, of the StoryADay September challenge, 2021? Let's talk... PLUS my extended notes on last week's w...
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